Weekly Accountability

Preparing for the actuarial exams is tough work. Sticking to your own study schedule can be

extremely challenging over the long run.


Many students fail the actuarial exams due to the lack of good time management and preparations.

That is why it is extremely important you hold yourself accountable each week to your own study



I created this Weekly Accountability Worksheet for you to use in your exam preparations.


This worksheet is designed to help you plan your time and boost your productivity when it comes to

studying for the actuarial exams.


Remember, the key to passing the actuarial exams is not to study hard but to study smart.

Use this Weekly Accountability Worksheet to help you kick start your exam preparations today.

Click the button below to access your Weekly Accountability Worksheet


Weekly Accountability Worksheet document here

I hope this helps you ace your actuarial exams. To your actuarial exam success!