I am sure you have wished to have more than 24 hours in a day at one point in your life. You might want to read this article and practice the tips listed here. I guarantee it will help you “get” more time within a day. Stop drowning in your workload and take control of your time today. Time management is an essential skill for all actuaries!

You can’t manage time. It’s that simple. There is no such thing as managing time. Time is a limited resource. What you can do is find out where you are allowing time suckers and wasters to use up this limited resource in an unproductive manner. This is more self-management than time-management. I bet right now you can write down at least five activities that you do each day that are unproductive and can be classed as Time Wasters. Let’s try:

  • Unfocused Internet Surfing
  • Scrolling Social Media
  • Personal Online Chatting
  • Playing Online Games
  • Watching Youtube videos

I bet you can name more things that you do each day that are just simply complete wastes of time. I’m not saying you can’t do all these things during your day, but these are not tasks that you should do in the name of taking a break from your actuarial work or studies. They should be tasks you do on your personal time. With issues like unfocused internet surfing, there are tricks and tips that you can do such as staying away from the internet while working or using a computer with limited internet access when studying. Additionally, stay away from the internet if you do not need it!

Start tracking your daily activities so that you can see where your time wasters are. You can use a spreadsheet, a time clock of some kind, or a piece of paper, but it’s important to track every moment of your time during the day for about a week. Once you’ve finished tracking your time for the week, go through and highlight the time wasters. Next, identify items that can be outsource. Now, identify items that you need to do yourself. Separate the items you will do yourself between studying or work and personal time. Divide further into activities that bring you closer to achieving your actuarial goals and activities that do not add value to your goals.

Once you have your list, set goals to help you manage the use of your time in a manner that is most productive. By changing your own behavior, you will feel as if you have more time in every day. You will feel more accomplished if you make a list of daily goals, marking off each task as they are completed. Goals should be very specific and include exactly what needs to be done, who will do it, and how it will be accomplished and by what time. By being very specific about goals, you’ll be more likely to achieve them.

For some people, it helps to attack one issue at a time, working toward a full time management system within a month by eliminating one or more time suckers and wasters each week. Changing your behavior slowly with an end goal in mind regarding managing your time well will result in a new attitude about the time you spend doing various tasks. Increasing your productivity will feel terrific and while you can’t actually gain extra time in your day, you will feel as if you have accomplished this impossible task by freeing up time you used to waste in which to be more productive.

Have you ever heard someone say they do not have time to do something? Let me know through the comments below. And share this article with those individuals who say that they do not have time.