No matter where you are at in your actuarial journey, you will experience something I call the “Actuarial Exam Stress”. Some students are absolutely terrified of the actuarial exams. I know. I used to fear these exams as well. And to be honest, the thought of studying for the actuarial exams still stress me out from time to time. But when you have guides, rules and techniques to survive the “Actuarial Exam Stress”, your actuarial journey become much simpler.

Do you ever feel down, stressed, or anxious during your exam preparations? Millions of actuarial students struggle with stress, anxiety, or mood problems. They can wear and tear on your body leaving you feeling tired, drained, and empty inside.

Over time, stress and anxiety can build causing you to be less productive, anxious, tense, and even unhappy. A poor mood can make you irritable, impatient, and hurt your relationships. You may find it tough to focus, stay motivated, or accomplish tasks. In addition to that, your chances of passing the actuarial exams drops when you are feeling stressed out and anxious. Studying for the exams becomes much harder and you find yourself feeling demotivated really quickly.

Your mood and mental well-being affects every part of your life for better or worse. While poor feelings can negatively impact your activities, relationships, and work. A happy balanced mood gives you the tools you need to be successful and enjoy life. Staying motivated during your exam preparations becomes much easier when you are happy.

As actuarial students, we all go through stress at one time or another. Take ample study breaks to reduce your stress levels and build up your motivation. Do not exhaust yourself by studying for more than 4 hours in a day. Taking care of the self is a crucial part of living a low stress life. Eat healthy food, keep away from things that cause tension and anxiety, sleep well, do moderate physical activity, meditate frequently, hash out your troubles with your sympathizers, make a few beneficial friends, laugh frequently, do at least one good deed each day.

Confronting stress can be challenging. Give yourself a break every now and then. Take a day off from studying and go enjoy yourself! Buy a new outfit, go to a movie, or do something you have always desired to do. Indulge in your favorite hobby. If you do not have one, try developing one. Do not fret over little things. If things are not going according to plan, learn to take it in your stride. This is life. Learn the art of accepting the inevitable.

If this does not help and you find yourself drowning in stress, move your body! Go out and exercise. Move! Exercising is a great way to bring down your stress levels. Not only do you feel happier, healthier and motivated after exercising, your memory and concentration improves as well. This makes studying much, much easier.

Try to acquire a ‘ forgive and forget’ attitude. Do not keep bitterness in your heart. Forgive those who have hurt you in the past. Make amends. Apologize to those you’ve hurt. Learn to move past from your failures. Do not waste your time blaming your study materials, your lectures, the exam syllabus and so on when you fail an actuarial exam. Accept the result, take responsibility, learn from it and move on. This will greatly reduce your exam stress levels.

Remember, living a low stress life is an art – it has to be worked on constantly.

What is your strategy to surviving the actuarial exam stress? Comment below to share your experiences and help other stressed out actuarial students.