Chloe does a great job of providing quality background information that can guide aspiring actuaries in the right direction.  She takes a comprehensive approach in offering guidance on actuarial exams, university selection, motivation, and other relevant topics.  I feel that Strength in Numbers can help out many students who are early in their own actuarial journeys!

Roy Ju

World’s Youngest Actuary, FSA, CERA

A must-read for anyone who wants to get into actuarial science

Dr. Yun Fah Chang (PhD)

Head of the Department of Mathematical and Actuarial Sciences, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

I have been thinking about changing careers into the actuarial field but I had no idea how or where to start and what was the best path to take. After doing some research on my own, I wanted someone in the field to hopefully mentor and guide me to the best path to becoming an actuary. After posting on various actuarial groups, Chloe reached out to me through Linkedin to offer advice and coaching. Her knowledge and guidance were invaluable, have allowed me to construct a schedule and a plan on what I should be doing to achieve my goals. She gave me realistic expectations on how long an average person takes to pass exams and what necessary skills are needed and used on an everyday basis such as Excel and VBA. She also gave me recommendations on what type of internships I should be targeting to gain more experience and even various resources to help me study and pass those grueling exams. I now have a more realistic idea of what it takes to become an actuary and what steps I need to pass to successfully achieve my goal. I’m glad I was able to get in touch with Chloe and I know I can always turn to her for any additional help when needed. I would recommend Chloe to anyone who is just starting off their career in the actuarial field to gain insight into information and resources to help prepare you for your career.

Jeff Kang


Actuarial science is one of the most promising professions of our century, and Chloe provides concise, to-the-point insights for starting on the right path.

Professor Jeffrey Zheng

FCAS, FSA, CPA, CPCU, University of Notre Dame

Strength In Numbers cuts straight to the chase on what you need to do to become successful in your actuarial journey.

Jessica Lam

Director of Admission & Counselling, Inti International University

I was debating if I wanted to be an actuary, so I reached out to Chloe for some insight. Chloe provided great information on how to become an actuary step-by-step. I still haven’t made a decision yet, as it is a very long career path that I need to think twice, but it was very helpful!

Stephen C


Very Helpful and Detailed!

Chloe Hung gave me a bit of advice on working aborad which I posted before. I was figuring out how to work abroad after I graduate soon. So, Chloe sent me a message regarding the post. She gave me way more than enough information which are really useful for me. Her advices have opened my eyes to understand more about the actuarial job prospects abroad and now I can plan better for my career in the nearest future! I would be looking forward to seek more advices about actuarial sciecne and things related to it from her! Massive thanks to her!

Puteri Diana

Actuarial Science student, Malaysia

There are several texts out there about how to pass actuarial exams or how to be a successful actuary, but here is one that digs even deeper, exploring every facet of one’s actuarial journey, both at the academic and professional levels.  For example, the author provides unique insight into how to best choose a university with an actuarial science program, or dos/don’ts to follow when applying for actuarial jobs, or even the debunking of common misconceptions about actuaries and their work.  The target audience for this highly educational and inspiring book is individuals who are just beginning to think about potential careers in actuarial science.  I wish I could have read such a text when I was first starting out.

Toby White

FSA, PhD, Curriculum Chair for SOA Exam MFE, Associate Professor of Finance & Actuarial Science, Drake University

I knew Ms. Chloe Hung through an actuarial group. She is such a considerable and enthusiastic person. She puts herself into your shoes and provides you helpful suggestions. Last but not least, this young lady knows a lot about actuarial science.

Bilian(Mona) Xie


Chloe has amazing knowledge and she is very helpful. I saw her answers on Quora regarding Actuarial Science….

Keep up the good work of helping people!!

Akshay Zanzarakiya