Ideal University Checklist

When selecting a university for your actuarial science degree, that university should be able to

support you as an actuarial student in getting an actuarial internship or a full time job upon


More and more universities are beginning to offer actuarial science programs nowadays. Therefore, I

know that it can be quite difficult to choose your “ideal university”.

University research can be very time consuming and a huge pain.

So, to save you some time, I have included an extra bonus for you here.

Click on the button below to view your very own Ideal University Checklist!

The checklist contains a whole list of university features for you to check off on when you are out

there hunting for your “ideal university.


Ideal University Checklist document he

Go through the checklist and determine which are the most important features that your “ideal

university” must have and start checking those boxes off!