Being able to do little yet reap a lot is every individual’s ideal work formula. Though not always possible there are some interesting ways this can be achieved to some level of satisfaction for all. Productivity is generally measured by the resulting outcome produced and if this outcome is acceptable then the productivity percentage is deemed acceptable too, therefore understanding the elements that are required are where the answer lies.

Setting daily goals with the main goal always in focus also helps in the effort to keeping things on track and in focus always. I like to write down 6 daily goals for the next day every night before I go to bed. I rank these goals from 1 to 6 with 1 being the most important goal of the day and 6 as the least important. I do it before I go to bed to allow my subconscious mind to work on these goals while I am sleeping. Upon waking up the next morning, I will be all geared and ready to start ticking these goals off from my checklist.

Doing this also eliminates the tendency to waste time on processes that will not eventually positively contribute to the goal. Identifying your own peak times for productivity is also another important element to take advantage of. Having the energy to be productive throughout the day is not only unlikely it is also improbable. Therefore, there is a need to capitalize on the productivity time frame and get as much done within this frame as possible.

For example, my productive time is from 9am to 12pm and from 8pm to 11pm. Hence, I use these time frames to complete the more important and bigger goals that I have set for the day. This allows me to accomplish my goals faster and more effectively.

Being in a work conducive environment is also something that should be given due consideration as this will directly affect the producing results.

Too many distractions will take your focus away from completing the tasks according to the prepared schedules and thus cause the overall timeline to be disrupted. This could then cause temporary derailment from the overall work schedule towards achieving your goal. Therefore, avoid the internet if you do not need to use it. Put your mobile phones away and listen to some soft background music to help boost your focus and concentration.

Know how long is your attention span. In my case, I have a 1 to 2-hour attention span. That means I am only able to focus 100% on the task at hand for a maximum of 1 to 2 hours. If I were to work longer than that, my mind will begin to wander and my productivity decreases. Therefore, I always take breaks once I reach my 2-hour mark while I am working or studying.

The popular saying that time waits for no man is so true and being disorganized is one way of ensuring failure at every turn. When the element of being disorganized is ever present there is little or no opportunity to be able to focus and identify needs and wants according to their priorities and thus allowing a lot of confusion into your daily existence.

Do you have any other heslpful tips to hare when it comes to boosting your productivity? Comment below to share.