We are all different! You know you do not have to be a rocket scientist to know this. However, when it comes to determining your actuarial personality, what kind of actuary are you? What kind of actuary do you want to be?

Just because you decide to study actuarial science, it does not mean you must become a qualified actuary. Just because you passed a few actuarial exams, it does not mean you are an actuary. Just because you graduated with an actuarial degree, it does not mean you must work as an actuary.

When I first started on my actuarial journey, my only goal was to become a qualified actuary. I had no idea what kind of actuary did I want to become. I had no idea what was my own personal strengths. And I obviously had no idea what my actuarial personality was. It is important that you take some time to explore what are your own personal strengths. Your strengths are what makes you unique. Your strengths determine your very own actuarial personality. It helps you determine the kind of actuary you aspire to be.

I spent several years trying to find my place within the actuarial world. I tried working within various industries from banking to finance to insurance. I also tried taking a few of the upper level actuarial examinations. It was a frustrating time for me because most of my peers were well on their way to becoming a qualified actuary with a stable actuarial career at this point. A few of my peers have decided to venture out of the actuarial profession into other industries such as finance, investments, sales etc.

After a few years of exploration, my end goal eventually changed.  As I progressed through my actuarial journey, becoming a qualified actuary was no longer my end goal. I decided to take the road less travelled. I chose a path completely different from most of my peers. I decided to become an actuarial entrepreneur.

It took me a while to understand this.

While everyone is unique, you can generally group them into 9 types: Controller, promoter, analyzer, supporter, controller/analyzer, promoter/controller, promoter supporter, supporter analyzer and centric.

We all belong to at least one of these groups, although we are all unique. There is nothing wrong with any of the personalities discussed in here, just the beauty of differences and diversities. Alongside these 9 personality types, are your own personal strengths that will make up your own unique personality.

Differences are powerful, if you notice. That is why we have different types of actuaries within the actuarial profession. We have educational actuaries who focus on actuarial education and teaching. We have the traditional industrial actuaries who work within the insurance sector. We also have non-traditional actuaries who work within all kinds of industries such as financial services, technology and so on. And lastly, we have the entrepreneurial actuaries who strive to set up and run their own business.

Embrace your difference! This is what makes you a unique actuary.

Do you know what is your actuarial personality? Let me know in the comments below!