As a student, choosing the right university for your actuarial science degree can be quite challenging. More and more universities around the world are offering actuarial science programs these days. We now have so many universities to choose from that we don’t even know how to select the right one that best suits our needs. Fortunately for actuarial students, there are several guidelines for you to follow when it comes to choosing the right university for you.

Ask yourself these 6 questions when you are out there looking for your actuarial university.

  1. Do you prefer a big or small university?
  2. What are the lecturer’s office hours like in the university?
  3. How many actuarial students are currently enrolled at the university?
  4. Are the university’s courses approved by the actuarial organizations?
  5. Does the university have industrial actuaries as part of their teaching staff?
  6. Does the university have a good alumni network and professional networking events?

You should always take the opportunity to do a campus tour if you are planning to study at a local university. Campus tours are great to help you learn more about the university, its teaching staff, the facilities and the overall campus environment. Does the university feel right to you? Do you like the overall environment around the university? The last thing you want is to dislike the place where you will be studying at in the next few years.

Different students have different priorities when selecting an actuarial university. Some students may prefer to study at a public university instead of a private university. Some may prefer to study at a university located close to their home. Some may want to study at a university located within the city center. What are your priorities when it comes to selecting the university for your actuarial degree?

There are many universities out there which are offering various actuarial courses but are their actuarial programs well established? As a future actuarial student at a university, you want a university that offers courses which will prepare you for your actuarial professional exams. Be sure to ask for the average number of professional papers that an actuarial student graduates with from the university. A high number of professional papers indicates a well established actuarial program. In the US, universities that have an average of at least 2 professional papers among their actuarial graduates are deemed to have an excellent, well established actuarial program.

If you are planning to pursue the US actuarial qualification route, look for universities that have the CAE designation by the Society of Actuaries. CAE stands for Center of Actuarial Excellence. The CAE is a designation awarded by the Society of Actuaries to universities that have an excellent actuarial program. The downside to selecting universities with the CAE designation is that these universities are only located in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and the United States. Therefore, your university choices are pretty limited if you wanted a CAE designated university.

Where did you choose to pursue your actuarial degree at? Comment below to let us know about your university.