Have you ever wondered what actuarial science is all about? Are you someone who is really passionate about math? Are you trying to decide whether or not actuarial science is the right choice for you? Do you want a career that is closely related to your passion for numbers?

Many students have a tough time deciding on their college degree and they fear making the wrong choice. Some are really passionate about math but are not sure which path to pursue in university. Some may have heard of actuarial science but have no idea what is it all about. Put your fears to rest, because Strength in Numbers may be just the book you’ve been looking for!

If you have the desire to take on a challenge and pursue your math passion, Strength in Numbers is the book for you. Even actuarial students may benefit from the practical tips and useful insights about the actuarial industry.

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Chloe Hung - Your Key To Actuarial Success


  • Become a good and successful actuary.
  • Break through the challenges that you may face during your actuarial journey.
  • Motivate yourself to overcome any roadblocks or difficulties.
  • Decide if actuarial science is the right choice for you.


  • How you can pursue your math passion in the world of actuarial science.
  • The requirements necessary to become an actuary.
  • Tips for selecting a good university for your actuarial degree.
  • What the actuarial profession really is.
  • The best way to land your first actuarial internship or full-time job.
  • Differences between a good and great actuary.
  • Skills needed to become a successful actuary.
  • The challenges you will encounter in your actuarial journey.
  • Common misconceptions about the actuarial industry.
  • Why you should or should not pursue actuarial science.

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There are several texts out there about how to pass actuarial exams or how to be a successful actuary, but here is one that digs even deeper, exploring every facet of one’s actuarial journey, both at the academic and professional levels. For example, the author provides unique insight into how to best choose a university with an actuarial science program, or dos/don’ts to follow when applying for actuarial jobs, or even the debunking of common misconceptions about actuaries and their work. The target audience for this highly educational and inspiring book is individuals who are just beginning to think about potential careers in actuarial science. I wish I could have read such a text when I was first starting out.

Toby White

FSA, PhD, Curriculum Chair for SOA Exam MFE, Associate Professor of Finance & Actuarial Science, Drake University

Actuarial science is one of the most promising professions of our century, and Chloe provides concise, to-the-point insights for starting on the right path.

Professor Jeffrey Zheng

FCAS, FSA, CPA, CPCU, University of Notre Dame