Things That Can Annoy Potential Employers

Today’s actuarial job market is becoming more competitive. The actuarial industry is relatively small and is filled with elite individuals. Therefore, be prepared to go against some of the best actuarial candidates within the industry when you are out there looking for your first actuarial job offer. It is highly important that you don’t annoy your potential employers. If you are wondering what I mean by that then read on to get it more clarified.

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The Biggest Secret in Time Management for Actuaries

I am sure you have wished to have more than 24 hours in a day at one point in your life. You might want to read this article and practice the tips listed here. I guarantee it will help you “get” more time within a day. Stop drowning in your workload and take control of your time today. Time management is an essential skill for all actuaries!

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Techniques to Develop a Photographic Memory

Students struggle on a regular basis trying to memorize certain materials for their classes and have found things that work for them. The trouble comes in a few days later when they try to recall what they memorized. With photographic memory training they can be taught that memorization is a short-term benefit while learning provides the basis to long-term memory. In grade school children memorize and possibly learn the multiplication tables through repetition. Older students have no memorization tricks to learn calculus and must learn it in order for it to be remembered.

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Surviving the Actuarial Exam Stress

No matter where you are at in your actuarial journey, you will experience something I call the “Actuarial Exam Stress”. Some students are absolutely terrified of the actuarial exams. I know. I used to fear these exams as well. And to be honest, the thought of studying for the actuarial exams still stress me out from time to time. But when you have guides, rules and techniques to survive the “Actuarial Exam Stress”, your actuarial journey become much simpler. Learn how to survive the “Actuarial Exam Stress” in this article now.

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Set your Goals and Find your Motivation

Are you somebody who lacks exuberance? Somebody who forever believes “I’ll do it in the future” and winding up never executing what you set out to do? Do you want self-assurance, motivation and drive to go after your actuarial dreams and pave your route to success? Don’t fret; you’re not unique!

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How to Handle a “No” emotionally

Competition within the actuarial job market is becoming stiffer with every passing year. This is because the number of actuarial students has been increasing rapidly over the years. One of the most dreaded moments for any actuarial job seeker is when you get a ‘No’ from your job application. Not only it hurts you emotionally, you lose your self-esteem and your drive to move on. How to handle a ‘No’ in an emotionally conducive manner?

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I have been thinking about changing careers into the actuarial field but I had no idea how or where to start and what was the best path to take. After doing some research on my own, I wanted someone in the field to hopefully mentor and guide me to the best path to becoming an actuary. After posting on various actuarial groups, Chloe reached out to me through Linkedin to offer advice and coaching. Her knowledge and guidance were invaluable, have allowed me to construct a schedule and a plan on what I should be doing to achieve my goals. She gave me realistic expectations on how long an average person takes to pass exams and what necessary skills are needed and used on an everyday basis such as Excel and VBA. She also gave me recommendations on what type of internships I should be targeting to gain more experience and even various resources to help me study and pass those grueling exams. I now have a more realistic idea of what it takes to become an actuary and what steps I need to pass to successfully achieve my goal. I’m glad I was able to get in touch with Chloe and I know I can always turn to her for any additional help when needed. I would recommend Chloe to anyone who is just starting off their career in the actuarial field to gain insight into information and resources to help prepare you for your career.

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