Chloe Hung is an actuarial science and finance graduate from the USA. During her actuarial journey, Chloe spent a few years trying to find her actuarial strengths and personality. She explored various options by working in several industries to determine the type of actuary she aspires to be.

After a few years of exploration, Chloe realized her strength lies in analyzing and solving problems. Chloe enjoys finding solutions to the challenging problems because problems are a reflection of society’s needs today. Solving problems give Chloe a sense of accomplishment and significance within society. That is why Chloe is known for her ability to simplify and solve complex problems quickly and effectively

During her years of exploration, Chloe found a big problem within the actuarial industry. Based on her experience as an actuarial student, the lack of awareness surrounding the actuarial industry is a big problem. This is the main reason why students jump into actuarial science for the wrong reasons. Chloe hopes to help math enthusiasts and actuarial students decide if actuarial science is the right pursuit for them.

Chloe believes—and knows from first-hand experience—that a good, successful actuary must have the passion, the right mindset, the right attitude, and a lot of determination. With light-hearted language, she has penned her book to help students understand what being an actuary really means. She hopes to inspire passionate actuarial students, to keep pushing them toward success in their actuarial exams, and even to meet them in their actuarial journey.

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I was debating if I wanted to be an actuary, so I reached out to Chloe for some insight. Chloe provided great information on how to become an actuary step-by-step. I still haven’t made a decision yet, as it is a very long career path that I need to think twice, but it was very helpful!

Stephen C


I knew Ms. Chloe Hung through an actuarial group. She is such a considerable and enthusiastic person. She puts herself into your shoes and provides you helpful suggestions. Last but not least, this young lady knows a lot about actuarial science. Bilian(Mona) Xie


Very Helpful and Detailed!

Chloe Hung gave me a bit of advice on working aborad which I posted before. I was figuring out how to work abroad after I graduate soon. So, Chloe sent me a message regarding the post. She gave me way more than enough information which are really useful for me. Her advices have opened my eyes to understand more about the actuarial job prospects abroad and now I can plan better for my career in the nearest future! I would be looking forward to seek more advices about actuarial sciecne and things related to it from her! Massive thanks to her! Puteri Diana

Actuarial Science student, Malaysia